Waste Disposal after Christmas

The best thing to do to avoid waste disposal is not to produce any in the fist place. Easier said than done! Here are our favourite tips to help cut the waste:

1. Buy from a market stall or shop where food is not pre-packaged
2. Take your own shopping bags
3. Buy products with reduced packaging, or recycled packaging
4. If shopping online, order from one supplier to reduce multiple boxes arriving in the post.

However careful you are there will be waste to dispose of. Here are the main ‘extras’  people find themselves having to get rid of after the festive season is over.

Most councils offer tree recycling in January. Check with your local council for details.

Wrapping paper
Salvageable wrapping paper and used gift bags can be put away for next Christmas or cut up and used as gift tags and pretty bubble wrap to protect gifts during transit.

Cards can be cut up to use as gift tags or recycled at various points – keep an eye out at your local supermarket or M&S for card recycling points

For West Sussex residents, you can find information on disposing of Christmas Trees, Wrapping paper and cards by clicking here.

Batteries can be recycled at various supermarkets or click to find your nearest battery recycling point.

Electronics will need to go to your local recycling centre, or see if they can be fixed or recycled via events such as the Kinder Living Home Show.
Next Kinder Living Home Show

or try the

Horsham Repair Cafe.

Plan meals and only buy what you need, and try home composting with the scraps.

For further information and ideas see: https://www.wastepreventionwestsussex.co.uk/fight-against-food-waste/

Your local council will have full details and tips on what can be recycled locally and what to do with items that can’t be recycled.