Gift Wrapping

Everyone loves a beautifully wrapped present, but many of us cringe as all that lovely wrapping goes to waste. Government figures from the last couple of years estimate the amount of wrapping paper thrown away in the UK would almost reach the moon!

Here are some ways you can help reduce that amount – and create beautiful gifts in the process.

1. Re-useable fabric bags

Bags made of jute or hessian are easy to find – or if you’re feeling creative – make. They can be personalised to become part of the gift or re-used for future gifts.

Tie closed with ribbon or twine and make a gift tag

2. Use a decorative box or jar to contain a gift. It can be re- used to store things afterwards.

3. Try Furoshiki – the Japanese art of wrapping with cloth. The simpler ones are fairly easy to master. Try these links:

4. If you are using wrapping paper choose the non-foil kind – paper can go in the recycling bin, but foil can’t.