Festive Drinks

Christmas wouldn’t be the same for many without a festive tipple. Here are our tips for enjoying the season more sustainably.

  1. Buy drinks in glass bottles or aluminium cans rather than plastic, as glass and aluminium are easier to recycle.
  2. Buy local – check out what drinks are produced locally. You’ll be surprised by the variety on offer from small local producers – from vineyards and small breweries to local gin.
  3. If you’re having a party and need extra glasses, borrow or rent them from an off licence rather than buying disposable plastic ones.
  4. If serving cocktails or drinks for children – ditch the plastic straw! (If you really can’t do without a straw, check out some of the eco- friendly alternatives to plastic straws now available online.)
  5. Don’t throw away wine corks, the natural ones (not the plastic kind) make great firelighters if you have a real fire, or can be used in craft projects.