Repairs & Upcycling

Important – to book a repair slot, please go to :

For the 2020 show, we’re thrilled to be playing host to our friends at Horsham Repair Cafe again for the whole weekend!

They will be joining forces with our own Kinder Tech team to offer the largest selection of repairs yet.

Bring your broken or slow laptops, tablets, phones, PCs, your small household or garden appliances and let our repairers take a look.

One of the fundamental principles of a more sustainable home is to use less, closely followed by re-use.  And one of the easiest ways to achieve using less and re-use is by repairing what we already own.

We could do at least some of those repairs ourselves, so what stops us? Sometimes it’s time – so many of us are busy so much of the time – and sometimes it’s because we need a skill that we don’t feel we have.

Then there are the repairs that many of us are sure we can’t do ourselves, because they need specialist skills or tools, or for safety reasons.

Important – to book a repair slot, please go to :